You know, I don’t truly wish to change the World because I know well that by myself, it is a momentous undertaking I could never hope to achieve.

However, sharing simply my thoughts, dreams, energy, creations, efforts & presence with others in order to change *their* Worlds is one thing I know I can do.

With the vast universes held within the minds of the humans inhabiting the Earth projected together through relation, inspiration & encouragement we move forward, onwards ~°*
It may seem niave, yet I certainly believe that together & through one another we shift this reality into something uniquely our own.

We’ve always been & ever still are on our way ♥°*


"In almost every single case, there isn’t anything stopping you, nothing is holding you back, except you. Accept yourself. Your thoughts and ideas about yourself and "how life is" shapes your reality. Life is how you make it. It is up to you to manifest your ideal reality."

Photo update of current work circulating on my “to dos”.

My next set of subdyes will be out this fall. I have several paintings on my plate right now, the one posted is a personal piece that I am very anxious to finish.

The Etsy store has a HUGE sale on sub-dyes going on currently, as well as the hat above for sale!

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"You can shoot me with your words, You can cut me with your lies, You can kill me with your hatefulness, But just like life, I’ll rise."

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